Future of daily workers in dilemma after lockdown

What an ordinary man desire for in life? A small house, an honest wife with children and a job that fulfill the need of a family. But seems like 2020 has been an unfortunate year for an ordinary daily wage workers who never dream of living luxurious life, but a life for a family.

Can you try to think like a daily wage worker? Can you put yourself in their shoes for a while? This will help you to experience a nightmare and understand their life and their situation in this lockdown.

Nepal, with majority of Nepali workers working abroad has one of the major sources of income as remittance. However with corona virus, workers remittance for country are expected to drop. Also, the study conducted by the government on the number of Nepali citizens who are needed to be rescued after lockdown shows that it is time to rescue a total of 588,700 Nepalis from all over the world immediately and after some time. Out of this, around 250,000 Nepali citizens should be rescued from India alone.

In one hand, the migrant workers working outside of Nepal are in trouble and are asked to go back till the virus comes in controlled.  While, even the migrant workers working inside country are in dilemma as they aren’t paid by their owners. As income is zero, it is harder even for owners to take responsibility of their workers.

Unemployment is going to be big challenge for our country. Also, employing a large number of young manpower returning from abroad is another challenge. Sadly, our government has no effective plan to carryout in coming days. However, the only solution daily workers have seen at the moment is to go back to their hometown. No matter, how hard it is for the workers to walk in this scorching sun with the rubber slippers on, they still choose to keep walking.

No matter, how unsure they are about reaching their hometown, they still want to keep walking. They want to reach their hometown. They want to live with their families. They don’t care about relief materials. Once they reach their hometown, they are sure about surviving on the little vegetables that grow on their small land. Indeed! Even if they die, they want to die on their own ancestral land.

By : Alisha Maharjan

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