What do they want?

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News, generally said to stand for North, East, West, and South which also connotes the presentation of new information, is like a window. A window to peep around to know what’s happening in all directions. Apart from an actual window that helps us know what’s happening around us, this is a virtual window that helps us know what’s happening in places our eyes cannot physically reach.

Whenever we sit around watching or talking about various news, the one thing my mom mostly repeats while getting to know about the latest incidents is “Akhir k chaiyeko iniharulai?” (What do they even want?). Now while the statement seems very vague, I am confident that you have scenarios or even people coming to your mind. Because isn’t that how most of us react while hearing the latest headlines?

Be it the news of possible occurrence of the third world war or Trump accusing China of conspiring the spread of Corona Virus or India encroaching Nepal’s border, nothing surprises us anymore. And while I state the aforementioned news, I do not show support or accuse anyone of doing anything. I simply wanted to show that no matter what news we hear; we no longer challenge the possibility of any of such events actually happening. It’s like world war isn’t a great deal to not really happen but it is. It is a massive deal. But to us, it’s no longer impossible.

That, however, doesn’t mean that we do not have any reactions to what we hear. Be it the news of allegations made against various heads of states or about the philanthropic activities of different people, we have a common reaction. And that is, “What do they want?”. Also, “To what extent?”.

In the eyes of biology, there are three primal needs of every animal including humans i.e. food, space, and mating partner. But us humans are developed social animals, so there are other desires that we additionally crave. Two of such being materialistic items and the urge to assert superiority. So that might be the answer to what they want.

The “to what extent?” is the question that would reveal the current problems. Because as of right now, the power play has become so intense that it’s getting scarier. I mean come on, if the coronavirus is indeed a conspiracy, it would seem like human life is of no value when compared to the desire of asserting superiority. That makes me question the very principle of sovereign equality, where all the states are said to be equal as codified in Article 2(1) of the UN Charter.

Political influence of the so called superior states over the other states have exponentially increased. The smaller states with weaker economy or politics cannot decide for themselves. Be it the laws that they promulgate or the policies they adopt, everything has some kind of an external influence. The laws and policies are no longer to address the needs of the country’s population but rather to impress the powerful states. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have seen the headlines of USA and Iran’s decades-long conflict among many others.

There’s no use of declining the obvious. It has become absolutely necessary for the smaller states to be careful else they no longer receive the aids they so desperately need. But who is to blame? The one with the natural desire to assert superiority or the one who without caring for its citizens easily submits to power.

Aristotle quotes, “at his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.” And as of right now, as I perceive, people haven’t really separated from law and justice. But, they have made sure that the law and justice is bent according to their needs and desire. Now that, I believe, is the worst.

So, till when are we supposed to remain helpless and powerless? Till when are we supposed to remain puppets in the game of politics? Till when are we supposed to wait till our pleas are heard? Till when are we supposed to wait for the government to start being responsible towards us and our needs? Till when, do we stop asking what do they want and start making them realize what do we want?

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