Jalbire: Lamo Jharana

So I was searching for someplace to chill and to relax. There were many choices, among them a friend of mine proposed the Lamo Jharana of Jalbire. I didn’t knew about the place, but decided to give it a try and explore much about the hidden jem that has become quite popular in Kathmandu in recent years. 

I woke up 6 in the morning and with the breakfast done till 6:45, I was ready to begin the agitating yet soothing journey. I called my friend with whom I decided to witness the much talked about the majestic waterfall of Jalbire. We met at 7 am at Ratnapark and straightaway headed for Chitwan. Unfortunately, he didn’t had his breakfast that day, so we had to take a little detour on our journey for a quick meal. My first rejoinder upon seeing jalbire waterfall; my eyes were as wide as they can be, head slowly held up high trying to fit the whole waterfall in one picture and the cool breeze touching my face by the milky white fall.

Jalbire Waterfall of Chitwan also knows as Lamo Jharana is a twenty-minute walk from the Jalbire temple, situated at the Narayangadh-Muglin road section. 100 meters high, this waterfall is popular among populaces around Bharatpur and at the same time tourists often enjoy swimming there as well. For those considering to canyoning or any chance to partake in homestays with the local Gurung people, this is where the search ends.

To enjoy Jilbire you need to pay entry fees. Entry fees are different for Nepalese and Foreigners. Nepalese need to pay Rs 10 to enter the waterfall whereas foreigners need to pay Rs 50. This waterfall is truly a ecstasy for people in Chitwan who are scorching by heat in the summer and can experience nature’s gift in their doorstep.

Jalbire Waterfall is also renowned for one of the best Canyoning in Nepal in terms of the natural Rockslide and jumping pool. People who are visiting Chitwan National Park for Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour can also make their stop there to enjoy the natural spring in the summertime. It is also famous for Music video shooting and film shooting where you need to pay an extra charge for that too. Depending on your project, there are different charges.

The 100m long waterfall is like a natural shower giving away the pleasure of the cold and chilling drops of water massively that creates a value of its own in the roasting heat of Terai. It was the middle of May at the time, I and my friend were riding bikes. It was obvious that the fiery sun would make us sweat and tan us. The uphill exhausting and crumbling ride made us regret going there for a while but Jalbire had much more planned for us that day. As soon as we got to the waterfall, we were already in our shorts and desperately wanting to jump into the pool. It was so satisfying to dip into water and soak the whole body and entice the fall.    

Witnessing the tall beauty at the end of the trail made the uphill effort worthwhile. Locals have been packing to Jalbire’s Lamo Jharana for years now, but its popularity awhile relishing your moment at the waterfall, taking pictures and swimming in the pond are quite fun. It is the adventurers and travelers who know how to truly enjoy the gifts of this little-known paradise. has more I saw more than a dozen waterfalls, cliff-jumping spots, and natural slides at the entire stretch of Jalbire apart from the Lamo Jharana. We stayed over for 3 hours when we had enough of the waterfall. While coming back from chitwan, we were hungry as hell. We had a huge meal in Muglin and upon resting there for a while we were back on road with our dirty bikes. It was a pleasant experience at the waterfall, the ride, the heat, and the sedative swim at the pool by the waterfall. Jalbire waterfall is delightful to enjoy in dreadful summer.

By : Sanjay Bhandari

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